WHAT THE HEART DOES Situated in the chest is a small organ with four chambers. The gorgon is a pump. This organ is the heart. It is costly bigger than once first but must pump blood through the arteries and veins. The arteries and veins are the smaller blood vessels going into every part of the body, i like pipes, and a long enough to go around the world twice. This system is filled with blood, and is the main transport system of the body. THE HEARTBEAT As a heartbeat, it pumps pure blood out into the body and brings impure blood back to itself. Read More →


PNEUMONIA The word pneumonia means an inflam­mation or infection of the lungs. This may be caused by many different kinds of germs. The symptoms are fever, pain in the chest, and cough. Usually in pneumonia, the dis­ease starts suddenly and the patient quick­ly becomes very ill. He complains of pain in his chest and coughs often, sometimes coughing up small amounts of blood. Prevention. Do not get chilled, especially right after being very warm. Poor food, lack of proper rest, and getting overtired tend to bring on pneumonia. Stay away from people who have coughs and colds. Treatment. This is a disease for which modernRead More →


PROMOTE GOOD HEALTH VIA GOOD THOUGHTS AND RIGHT FOOD. Courage, hope, faith, sympathy and love promote health and prolong life. A contented mind, a cheerful spirit, is health to the body and strength to the soul. A merry heart does well like a medicine TURN AWAY FROM SAD THOUGHTS  Fix your mind upon cheerful things. A spirit of gratitude and praise for our bles­sings will promote health of body and soul. It is a law of nature that our thoughts and feelings are encouraged and strengthened as we give them utterance, as we say them. If we talk pleasant, happy things, then our pleasant andRead More →

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WHY DISEASE COME Disease never comes without a cause. Many diseases and sicknesses are the re­sult of wrong habits and of not obeying the laws of health. Some people suffer because of the careless lives of their parents. But most people suffer because of their own wrong course of action, because they have disregarded the laws of health. WRONG HABITS OF EATING CAUSE DISEASE As motor-cars cannot go without petrol, our bodies cannot go without food. If a -person does not eat, he dies. And if he does not eat the right kind of food, he is likely to get sick, and may die. OurRead More →

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YOUR WONDERFUL BODY How many parts are there to your body? Have you ever counted them? You have a heart- you couldn’t do without it, for you would just drop dead if it stopped beating. You have lungs, and you have a brain to direct all the activities of your body. You have organs of hearing in your ears, and organs of sight in your eyes. You have a tongue for speaking and tasting, teeth for eating and a nose for smelling You have a stomach and intestine, liver and pancreas, kidneys and bladder, all packed inside your body. You have muscles and nerves andRead More →