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Alcohol can be obtained in many differ­ent forms: whisky, gin, rum, brandy, wine, and beer of which there are many kinds, some made from grain, some from bana­nas or other fruits. The alcohol in all of these drinks has the same effect: it de­presses, or lessens the activity and the force of the nervous system. This means that the person drinking alcohol cannot think clearly or well. The alcohol makes him think he can do things better than usual, but the opposite is true. In other words, alcohol interferes with his judg­ment and the ability to make wise deci­sions. This is serious for anyone. It is doub­ly serious for persons in authority whose wrong decisions may affect the lives of many people.

Alcohol makes the nerves function poorly

This is the reason a person who drinks cannot stand up well, and why he staggers when he tries to walk. A person should not drive a motor-car if he has been drink­ing. Many studies have shown that most of the deaths in car accidents are caused by persons who have been drinking some form of alcohol.

The worst evil that occurs from the use of alcohol is that about one out of every fifteen drinkers become an alcoholic. This means that a person becomes dependent on alcohol and suffers a severe type of illness when he tries to stop drinking.

 Alcohol is money consuming

 It is too bad that many people feel they need to drink some kind of alcohol in order to be happy and sociable. Much, much money is wasted on strong drinks that could be better used in ways to improve a person’s health and well-being, rather than ruining it.

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