Understanding the heart

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Situated in the chest is a small organ with four chambers. The gorgon is a pump. This organ is the heart. It is costly bigger than once first but must pump blood through the arteries and veins. The arteries and veins are the smaller blood vessels going into every part of the body, i like pipes, and a long enough to go around the world twice. This system is filled with blood, and is the main transport system of the body.


As a heartbeat, it pumps pure blood out into the body and brings impure blood back to itself.  Where it is purified, does completing the system. Blood from the lungs, which in oxygen, is formed to all areas of the body. This oxygen is used by the cells in the body to combine with the. Which have been absorbed from the gastrointestinal system, to provide energy and the replacement of old cells.


During this process, certain way substances again passed into the body these waste materials are then carried to the various organs of the body which are able to remove the poisons and thus purify the blood the carbon dioxide and gaseous waste substances and removed by the lungs. Certain salt are removed by the skin through the sweat glands. Other poisons are removed by the kidneys and make the urine. In this way the blood maintains a healthy state and all organs of the body. You can easily see that your heart is one of your most important organs and must be well cared for if it is to give you a lifetime of service


All analysis and tips highlighted in this health posts are made for knowledge purposes, hence, they are not supposed to be a substitute for your doctor or physician. Therefore in cases of clarity a more understanding, Please consult your physician or visit ta qualified hospital

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