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How many parts are there to your body?

Have you ever counted them? You have a heart- you couldn’t do without it, for you would just drop dead if it stopped beating. You have lungs, and you have a brain to direct all the activities of your body. You have organs of hearing in your ears, and organs of sight in your eyes. You have a tongue for speaking and tasting, teeth for eating and a nose for smelling

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You have a stomach and intestine, liver and pancreas, kidneys and bladder, all packed inside your body. You have muscles and nerves and bones, and we could go on for a long time naming all the parts to our wonderful bodies. We are handicapped without all our parts. If we lose even one finger we are greatly hampered.

Each part of the body depends on so much upon other parts.


Your body is mire wonderful than a radio or television set. Your body is more complicated than a motor car or a watch. Does your watch or radio repair itself when it gets broken, or when it wears out? Can your motorcar grow bigger, or have children?


No you say, of course no machine can do these things. God made your body a very complex structure. Only God can create something which is able to grow, to repair itself, and to produce itself in children.

When you slash yourself accidentally with a knife, the flesh knits together again; when you cut hair and nails, they grow again, your heart pumps and your lungs breathe even when you are sleeping, all these kinds of food you eat become part of your body and , like fuel make you go. Even the act of walking and being able to stand upright are wonderful


Your body is made up of millions of tiny, living cells which are able to multiply as you grow, and also re able to replace themselves to prevent you from wearing out. These cells form together into organs and systems.

All the systems work together as a harmonious whole to give one a feeling of heath and vigor. If one system is not functioning correctly, the whole body suffers, and you do not feel well

Taking good care of your body is very essential for your health. Therefore in our next posts we will do well to teach you how to take care of the delicate body systems.

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